Regularly invited to speak and give workshops, mainly on the topic of science journalism or communication. Recent venues include: Queen’s University Belfast and the Science Gallery in Trinity College.




December 2017 – Role of Journalism at SCI:COM

Chair of panel which discussed future of science journalism and its role in creating an open and participatory society. Panel members included: Jonathan McCrea, Claire O’Connell, Olive Heffernan, Anthony King, Sabine Louët, and Tom Kennedy. Event in association with ABSW and ISTJA. For more see: link


Science Gallery

November 2017 – Body Tech Screening at the Science Gallery

Moderator of panel which discussed Bodytech, an episode of the series RTÉ series, Ten Things to Know About. This was a Science Week 2017 event.



October 2017 – ABSW Workshop on Science Journalism in Queen’s University Belfast

Spoke on a number of panels including ‘How to thrive as a freelance science writer’, ‘Careers in science broadcasting’, and ‘Communicating to a lay audience’.



June 2015 – 25 Years of WITS at the Inspirefest Fringe

Member of the panel which discussed challenges facing women in STEM.


May 2014 & 2015 – Communication workshop at the UCD Innovation Academy

Invited to give a workshop on communication to current PhD students from UCD and Trinity College Dublin.  Following the workshop, students have successfully published articles and set up their own blogs.


November / December 2014 & May 2015- Journalism career talk in Trinity College

Invited to give a talk on my career as a science and health journalist to the Genetics Society and again at the Genetics Alumni Gathering the following month in 2014. Also, gave a ‘Career in Science Journalism’ at the PRTLI Careers Workshop, May 2015.


April 2014 & November 2015 – Talk at Cool Jobs in the Science Gallery, Dublin 

Spoke about science journalism (watch it here) and participated in the career ‘speed-dating’ following the series of talks. This was aimed at undergraduate and transition year students.